2022 Fall Book Fair

  • Book Fair Information

    Shields Valley Elementary School will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in the Elementary Library from October 10th-13th. 

    You can shop online or in person!

    We can accept cash, credit, or checks.  You can even set your child up today with their own e-wallet!  Basically, this is just like a gift card.  You can share the e-wallet with friends and family online who might want to contribute to your child's book fund!

    Family Hours:  7:30-8:00 Daily
                            4::00-4:30 Daily 
                            (or until everyone leaves)

    The Book Fair will be open for ALL of Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday October 13th.
    The Book Fair will briefly reopen on Grandparent's Day, Monday October 17th.

    Students may also attend Book Fair during their regular library class and during lunch recesses.  

  • Support Specials Teachers

    Classroom teachers aren't the only teachers who need new books!  Using books in specials classrooms helps tie literacy to classroom themes.  Teaching across the curriculum enhances both learning and engagement.  Using books can be a great way to engage students in an art, music, or even PE lesson while teaching about a concept.
    Donate $ towards Specials Teachers using Scholastic E-Wallet!

    Shannon Bilbao- Art Program

    Jeni Sager- Title Program

    Dale Dominick- Counseling Program

    Mandy Johnstone- Library

    Kimberly McLees- Resource (Coming Soon!)

    Mark Mills-Music (Coming Soon!)

    Zachary Sutton- PE (Coming Soon!)